External Lightning Protection

The task of a Lightning Protection System (LPS) is to intercept all lightning strikes entering a building. A lightning current must be intercepted at the impact point, be diverted towards the earth and distributed in the earth. All metallic installations in the building shall be made at equal potential in order to avoid dangerous flash over and fire from the lightning current flowing through the LPS. The idea is to prevent thermal, mechanical and electrical effects that can damage the building to be protected, or humans through contact or step voltages inside the building. Lightning Protection systems MUST be compliant to IS / IEC 62305 and NBC 2016.

Lightning Protection System comprises of external lightning protection and internal lightning protection. The effective measure for the protection of structure and its contents against physical damage or degradation is considered to be Lightning Protection System.

An external LPS is intended to:

  1. Intercept a lightning flash to the structure (with an air-termination system).
  2. Conduct the lightning current safely towards earth (using a down-conductor system).
  3. Disperse the lightning current into the earth (using an earth-termination system).

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