Structural Earthing

Foundation earthing is done using metal components used in construction of the building. Foundation earthing serves the purpose like safety, functional and lightning protection. This is the most efficient earthing system to protect electronic equipment. Interconnected steel-reinforcement, metal framework of structure, steel roof, metal façade, hand rails etc can be used as parts of an LPS such as air termination, down conductor and earthing. Materials used and construction techniques availed must fulfil various mechanical, electrical and chemical requirements to provide long life for the installation.

This integrated method is not only economical but does not influence or spoil the aesthetics of the building. It also reduces the failure of electronic equipment inside the building from radiated lightning effects.

Structural Bonding networks are important for modern buildings with sensitive electronic installations. Structural bonding networks ensure reduction in conductor loops and are significant in providing protection for electronics.

STRUCTURAL BONDING NETWORK is the economical and efficient way of achieving Earthing and Bonding requirement of modern electronic installations. As a standard practice IS 62305 as well as draft IS 732 recommends and allows to use these modern construction methods in new buildings.

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